The MASi service serves to manage research data in a metadata-driven way of scientific studies and projects of the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) and external partners. Operator is the Centre for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) of TUD. Arbitrary research data can be ingested into MASi, managed and via a search function be found and accessed again. Central aspects are the efficient dealing with large data, the automatic extraction of metadata as well as the focus of research data that is in active use contrary to to archived data.


The access (ingest, search, download) to MASi will be granted unbureaucratically. The MASi access includes the following work done by us for you;

  • consultations regarding your specific situation
  • setup of appropriate groups and areas in MASi
  • support to integrate MASi into your local environment
  • design of configuration of automatic metadata extraction tailored to your use case
  • depending on extend and complexity, limited adaptations and extensions

In case of huge amounts of data a joint solution will be aspired to. MASi is tailroed to data that is in active use. For the archival and publication of research data the ZIH service OpARA is referred to. The access to the MASi service is also possible via REST API.


The ingest of data into the MASi service takes place via the RepoClient via command line. This opens up extensive automation opportunities. The possibility to manually ingest data via web interface is planned. Per default, all data is only accessible by ones own group. The extension of the access rights are possible up to world wide open access.


The search through the respective data takes place via the community areas. The accessible ones are linked to on the Welcome page.


The download of data takes place either graphically directly via the search results or via the RepoClient on the commandline.


Routine updates will be automatically performed Monday 3 am. If required, the system will be restarted. Unscheduled update and maintenance periods will be announced on the MASi main page. As opt-in, these can be subscribed to:

  • Log-in, click on menu symbol top middle left, then user name, then "My Account", then "Account Settings", then tick the box in the column "Email" for "Alerts" (unscheduled Updates/Maintenance and other important information).


Contact us to get a consultation.